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West Coast Pathology Laboratories is one of the leading providers of Podiatric Pathology services nationwide. We specialize in proprietary PAS stains for onychomycosis in toenail biopsies. We use the enhanced proprietary Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) stain which allows for maximum detection of fungal hyphae

Our stand out features include:

  • Vast experience with Hammertoes and Bunionectomies
  • PAS stains for onychomycosis (24 hour turnaround)
  • Bone Evaluation with decalcification for degenerative joint disease, gout and osteomyelitis.
  • Austin bunionectomy evaluation, arthroplasty tissue, bone fragements
  • Palmoplantar Verruca identification; distinction from callous formation
  • Inerosseus Neuroma verification
  • Onychomycosis evaluation, with decree/intensity of involvement *
  • Evaluation of tumors of cartilage and bone
  • Skin tumors/lesions including melanoma
  • Evaluatinon of skin ulcers and cysts
  • Soft tissue tumors (lipomas, hemangiomas)
  • On-line reporting and digital images
  • University trained pathologists with over 30 years of podiatry experience
  • Complimentary billing of Medicare and third party insurance
  • Free pathology supplies
  • Competitive client pricing

* Nails are stable for months either dry or in formalin. The formalin is a fixative(stabilizer) and is preferred by WCPL because it preserves the fungus (if present) of onychomycosis and also softens the nail for our processing equipment so that we can provide the overnight servies that we offer.

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